Out There

photo by jess nelson @chocolatemooseimages

I contributed a story to the outdoors podcast Out There. Along with producing I did original music and sound design for the piece as well. Here it is on the podcasts website.





A show where we talk about your life so you can talk about your death. A produced interview show where at the end the subject writes a eulogy for themselves. A wide range of guests have been on: people with cool jobs, cool people with interesting stories, a Guinness record holderdaughter whose dad died of Alzheimersdude about to go to jailguy who fell off a mountaintwo-spirited bad assautistic ethical non-monogamist, we even got Dennis McKenna who was on Joe Rogan’s show to talk about his strange family.

Your Eulogy is found anywhere podcasts are. For the 47 episodes ( and extras) go to the Soundcloud page.

Ai-ai Lin: Episode 47

Here’s one of my favorites. Ai-ai Lin is a teacher for a Chinese immersion school. One of the most hilarious and direct people you’ll meet.


After months of avoiding it, I finally did my own eulogy.

Here are some guests