Navigating Freedom

Podcast Logo_NFP Logo update copyMade for The Uncuffed Project Navigating Freedom is a sensory based story telling show that features people in and around prisons, mostly in California. It is a stand alone twelve episode season that focuses on people in prison and their struggles and those who have recently gotten out. Released in October of 2022


Out There

photo by jess nelson @chocolatemooseimages

I contributed a story to the outdoors podcast Out There. Along with producing I did original music and sound design for the piece as well. Here it is on the podcasts website.


A show where we talk about your life so you can talk about your death. A produced interview show where at the end the subject writes a eulogy for themselves. A wide range of guests have been on: people with cool jobs, cool people with interesting stories, a Guinness record holderdaughter whose dad died of Alzheimersdude about to go to jailguy who fell off a mountaintwo-spirited bad assautistic ethical non-monogamist, we even got Dennis McKenna who was on Joe Rogan’s show to talk about his strange family.

Your Eulogy is found anywhere podcasts are. For the 47 episodes ( and extras) go to the Soundcloud page.

Ai-ai Lin: Episode 47

Here’s one of my favorites. Ai-ai Lin is a teacher for a Chinese immersion school. One of the most hilarious and direct people you’ll meet.


After months of avoiding it, I finally did my own eulogy.

Here are some guests