About Me


My name is Matthew Schneeman.

I am a journalist/radio producer from Minnesota living in New York City. In Minnesota I produced for KFAI’s award winning program MinneCulture, hosted and engineered a weekly public affairs show called Catalyst, produced the podcast Your Eulogy, and was the director of Fake Children, Real Rent: The Story of Minnesota’s Largest Tenant Class-action.

In NYC I’ve worked on WHYY’s The Pulse (In this episode my piece is at minute 15), was a finalists is KCRW’s 24-hour Radio race, Contributed to podcasts like Out There, edited a variety of smaller podcasts, and co-hosted Radio Free Brooklyn’s politics show Objection to the Rule.


Want to learn even more about me? Here’s an hour-long piece about my friends, family, and failures. It’s a semi-experimental check-in on an old piece that kinda failed. Originally an adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything¬†this piece¬†A Short History of Nearly Everything: Take Two tries to remedy the original missteps.

Cousin Seamus, one of the narrators of this piece

More of my bio?

I went to the University of Iowa where I made a bunch of weird art: a concept album of the movie Con Air, A musical Adaptation of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, an Elvis movie parody, a radio drama of an American Pie Spoof, and a play version of Cast Away that was performed in the Iowa City flood of 2008. After that I moved to South Korea and made more underproduced post-internet movies and music. Thankfully, I eventually got over endlessly parodying pop-culture and started doing sincere non-fiction.

Along with producing standard radio, field pieces, and podcasts I do sound design and music. Live music and original compositions for audio pieces is a little niche that allows me to put a little more depth and originality into my work.