A Year from Now …

… a show about what we hope will happen, and what does.

It’s a podcast that’s in production. It will be released in the fall of 2021.

It’s end of summer 2020 and we’re not in a good place. You don’t need for me to list all the things that have happened. It’s a lot. The future holds so many threats (the election is coming up, climate change is making itself heard more than ever, the rise of nationalism…) but in many individual lives there are things that can improve.

I, host Matthew, can’t remember but these pics may all be from the same year, 2018 I think. The point is, a lot can change in a year!

In this show we interview someone who is about to go through a major event. A year later we do a follow up interview: are they ok? Did they succeed? Did the fail? 

We’ll cover stories like: Will a life sentence get overturned? Will a newly elected official get shit done? How will a new tour in the Syria go for a US army vet? We’ll also cover fun stories like a failed YouTube musician’s20180425_150547 last attempts at getting an audience, an unorthodox get-of-the-vote campaign, a man takes a 32-hour road trip to meet someone he’s only known two weeks, and (this is where we need your help) smaller fan stories!

We’re looking into the big stories right now but we need your help for the fun smaller stories. Your story! Tell us one thing you’re working towards. A year from now what would you like to have done?  Quit a Job? Relationship? Goals? Predictions? Fire away!

If you’re in the US, call and leave a message at: (732) 630-2516

If you’re not in the states, please record a voice memo and send it to ayearfromnowpod@gmail.com! 

See you in a year.

We’re also looking for a cohost! Send inquiries to ayearfromnowpod@gmail.com

Some of the stories we’ve started covering:

• A daughter is moving into a place with her mother who is recovering from a drug addition. • College student drives 16 hours to meet someone he’s known for 2 weeks • A circus troupe/performance space goes into bankruptcy due to the pandemic, where will they be next year? • Refugee man is struggling with poverty and addiction and just lost custody of his kid. How will he be in a year? • Will this Lower East Side bar survive after being fined? • All white faculty of private school deals with George Floyd’s death and pledges to hire non-white teachers and other reforms … will those promises be fulfilled? • Middle aged man buys a sports car in the middle of a pandemic. Will he regret it? Will he have it next year? (I hope so, he’s my brother) • Musician with traumatic brain injury finally settles law suit, but will he be able to tour next year? • Podcast host went to therapy to help with her emotional eating disorder. In her last therapy session her therapist told her to lose weight. Oh shit! A year from now how will her issues with food, love and parents be? • Photographer with a TBI wakes up with head aches every day, barely could call me to set up an interview. She’s in a bad place, where will she be next year? • Get out the vote campaigner covers the midwest with a ‘Settle for Biden’ van and message. Will his van get vandalized? How will he feel about the results of the election a year from now?  • Woman becomes mother to a nine year old while her sister gives birth to new born. What does the family consider a real ‘mother’?  • Trans woman health care was just taken away. She was planning having surgery, we’ll see what happens.