I’ve self-published two books.

BLOBS, a graphic novel, and The River of Wha-Ha-ha, a surrealist joke book. I sold them at comics and zine festivals throughout the midwest. Both are currently sold online here.

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BLOBS: A Graphic Novel

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 4.30.52 PMBLOBS is the story of small planet and the little beings that live on it. Each day the planets rotation accelerates until it is torn apart. The planet slowly collects back together and the little blobs pop out of the earth to start another day. It’s part Ground Hog Day, Little Prince, and part Climate Change metaphor, though not all of those influences were intentional. Here’s a link to the book.

The Book is half text half images. Here are some images.

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The River of Wha Ha Ha

The River of Wha Ha Ha is a never ending stream of one liners that thematically bleed into themselves until you can’t remember what is and what’s not funny. What’s the difference between a stuffed animal and an animal that got stuffed? Not a lot if your parent is a taxidermist. Jokes like that. Here’s an animation I made of what happens if you flipped through the pages quickly.

river gifriver cover

Here are the first 16 pages The River of Wha Ha Ha


Here’s a waterfall of caricatures I did at festivals, live at events, and for commission.


Epi.Climate was a comic strip I did for over 600 comics.

I thought it’d be fun to write comics and have some artistic friend do the drawing but not one got back to me. So, with no experience I started a comic strip. I made and sold little spineless books and buttons at zine/comic festivals in the midwest. Here’s a pic! To the right is the first comic I ever did. Pretty weird, but I still think there’s something funny in there.

My favorite thing I sold were 100 different buttons, each with a different one liner one it.

Here are some comics

Astrological Signs

I thought it’d be funny to base the readings off of the literal interpretations of the sign names.