Fake Children, Real Rent

In 2015 an innocuous tenants remedy action was taken against a negligent landlord. What should have been a run-of-the-mill settlement turned into something quite more interesting, and to the renters of Minneapolis, much more important.

Fake Children, Real Rent: The Story of Minnesota’s Largest Tenant Class-action is a radio documentary I made for KFAI 90.3FM. It follows the legal and human story of The Apartment Shop tenants and their landlord Stephen Frenz. Perjury, deceit, protests, and cats falling from ceilings … this seemingly boring story about rental licenses is surprisingly thrilling.

Here’s the radio documentary Fake Children, Real Rent.

The photo below is of tenants leader Venessa Del Campo Chacon with her child.


photo by Steel Brooks www.steelbrooks.com/